Jawfish Poker

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You’re almost in the money and the dealer just handed you the Jack of Spades and Seven of Clubs. Do you risk everything or wimp out and hope for a better hand? With an elegant design that suits novice players and aspiring pros alike, Jawfish™ Poker is the first game to host massively multiplayer poker tournaments and there’s not a single game out there that can match the lightning-fast pace of our action. Rather than waiting on a table of nine players, Jawfish™ Poker rapidly cycles you through hundreds of opponents and pits you against them in heads up battles to the felt. Bet, bust, rebuy and try to beat them all on your race to become the best. This is the most furiously addictive form of poker; one guaranteed to make you feel the rush of winning and the despair of losing at hyperspeed! Download Now!

Game Features

  • Fast-paced addictive poker experience
  • Play versus hundreds, even thousands, of players at once
  • Receive poker tips from legendary player Phil Gordon